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“I wasn’t looking to install solar on my home, but I knew that I was tired of seeing my electric bill increase every year and when G 1:3 Solar & Roofing offered me a free solar evaluation, I decided to schedule an appointment. They collected 12 months of my electric bills and showed me how much money that I was spending with my utility company and how much money I would be spending over time. They explained everything about how solar works and made it simple to understand, and they even offered financing. They took the time to understand my needs and gave me a roof inspection before they installed my solar system, and they even installed a new roof on my home. I wholeheartedly recommend G 1:3 Solar & Roofing to everyone that I know.”

- Elnora A, Retired Homeowner

I would like to thank Bryan and everyone at G 1:3 Solar & Roofing, for the wonderful job that you did throughout the entire process of my solar panel and solar battery install. Everyone on the project team was very professional and kept me informed during each step, which kept my mind at ease. Thank you for handling all the paperwork with my electric company and the city permits. I appreciate your company for taking care of everything, while keeping me informed. I was very impressed by the project team showing me how to monitor my solar and battery system production and consumption. My solar system is exceeding my expectations and when I see my electric bill lower than $10 a month in the summertime, it confirms my decision even more that I chose G 1:3 Solar & Roofing. Great company and great people to work with!


About us